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Keeping in touch with the changing needs of the customer:


Specialty Risk  Shreveport Utility Construction Contractors InsuranceHard working business insurance acknowledges the challenges you face each day in the real world of the utility construction contractor:  Its insurance programs are designed to address the potential risk exposures of your workforce and workplace and respond to them comprehensively. Its efforts to instruct and protect are seasoned by experience.

Bituminous is a commercial lines company committed to providing truly valuable insurance protection to a few select industries.  Property and casualty insurance is their only business and they pride themselves on their consistency in the markets they have chosen to serve.  Their extensive experience with utility construction contractors means that their insurance response is one of quality and insight.

Bituminous offers customized programs for:

  • Conduit construction
  • Water line construction
  • Sewer line construction
  • Gas line construction
  • Underground cable construction
  • Boring contractors

Financial capability is vital aspect of insurance protection.  You should be aware of the claims paying ability of the insurance company entrusted with your business.  Bituminous’ outstanding financial ratings are indicators of our ability to offer you optimum security.

The Bituminous Companies are members of the Old Republic Insurance Group and thereby subsidiaries of Old Republic International, a financially strong and efficient insurance enterprise.  Old Republic International is one of the nation’s 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations.

Their commitment to your industry combined with their financial standing is the foundation on which they have built meaningful insurance programs- supported by insurance professionals like Bernard Insurance Agency.

Specialty Risk  Shreveport Utility Construction Workers Compensation, Auto, Inland Marine, Property, Business

Bituminous employs a program manager approach to delivering broad coverage and specialty programs for their industries.  This means that their underwriting decision makers immerse themselves in your specific concerns; that these issues are transmitted to their multiple branch office network, and to the independent insurance agents who represent them.  Bernard Insurance has been proud to represent Bituminous for almost 30 years and offer their outstanding insurance programs.


These and other optional coverage are available:

  • Workers compensation
  • Comprehensive general liability – blasting operations coverage is available – limited contractors pollution coverage
  • Automobile
  • Inland marine – contractors equipment including equipment rental – installation floaters
  • Property
  • Business income including extra expense

At Bernard Insurance Agency, we make it our business to know your business.

The service needs of utility construction contractors are specific. We are aware of your requirements because we have taken the time to identify them and offer you an Insurance Program that has formulated a response that is workable in your world:

Premium management

Competitive rates. Flexible payment plans. Payroll reporting to pay as you work – helpful during seasonal peaks.

Underwriting services

Bernard Insurance will work closely with our underwriters to customize your coverage.

Risk control

Personalized service to help reduce frequency and severity of losses.  This helps you control your insurance costs. Customer visits to fit your schedule. Videos for safety meetings.

Claims handling

Prompt service from claims representatives in your area within 24 hours of first notice of loss.

Bernard Insurance Special Programs are backed by knowledgeable, accessible people who work as a team to advise, plan and protect your business operations in the real world of utility construction contracting.

If you would like more information on this or any of our Special Insurance Programs, please contact us at johnny@bernardins.com or call 1-800-256-9124.

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