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On Shore Oil & Gas Extraction

Specialty Risk  Shreveport On Shore Oil and Gas Extraction InsuranceMeeting face to face with industry people in the field and at various conventions around the country helps us better understand the challenges you encounter in an everchanging oil and gas marketplace.  With over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, we can us this understanding to tailor coverage and services that fit the unique insurance needs of your business.  By consistently meeting these needs, we intend to remain a long-term business partner that you can count on no matter what direction the price of oil and gas is headed.

We have several insurance companies that are leaders in the oil and gas insurance market which gives us more flexibility in finding the coverage and pricing that will fit your need and budget.

One of our lead insurance providers, Bituminous has served the energy industry on a consistent basis for more than 70 years.


Target Classes

  • Oil or gas lease operators
  • Oil lease contractors
  • Well servicing contractors
  • Drillers




Specialty Risk  Shreveport Oil Energy Specialist Insurance

Consider an energy specialist for an industry with special needs.

The Bituminous oil & gas program seeks customers involved in on shore production of petroleum and natural gas.  They offer coverage to operators,


drillers and servicing contractors located from the Rock Mountains to the Appalachian Basin.

Our customers have withstood the ups and downs of the energy business and Bituminous has worked to adapt with them.  As coverage needs have changed, we have adjusted our products to meet customer demand.




Customer Services

  • Oil & Gas industry specific knowledge
  • Specialized risk control service
  • Expedient, competent and fair claim service
  • Prompt and accurate premium audit service

Specialty Risk  Shreveport On Shore Oil and Gas Extraction workers Comp, Liability, Auto, Umbrella, Equipment, Property



Lines of Coverage

Workers’ compensation

General liability







Special Coverage

  • Nonoperating working interest
  • Pollution coverage including saline substances contamination
  • Underground resources and equipment
  • Waiver of subrogation / additional insured
  • Oil & gas lease property coverage including oil spill clean-up
  • Well drilling and servicing rig equipment

If you would like more information on our Oil and Gas Insurance Program, please call 1-800-256-9124 or email us at Johnny@bernardins.com

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