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Dedicated to SAFEGUARDING your Ministry

At Bernard Insurance, we are committed to helping you safeguard and protect the people, facilities and ministries that are important to you.  By specializing in Church Insurance for more than 25 years, Bernard Insurance has developed superior expertise and offer the industry’s finest lineup of coverages and services written through GuideOne.  In 1962, GuideOne launched the nation’s first comprehensive insurance policy specifically created for Churches.  Today, they have grown to insure nearly 45,000 religious organizations, making them the expert on the insurance needs of Churches and their congregations. At Bernard Insurance and GuideOne, we believe that to make a difference, you must go the extra mile.  Through an ongoing commitment to providing superior coverages, risk management tools, customer service and new product innovations, Bernard Insurance and GuideOne will help further protect your ministries.


As America’s premier insurer of Churches, GuideOne is committed to protecting your organization.  By offering their Church Insurance Program through Bernard Insurance Agency, you get the service and commitment that only a LOCAL Independent Insurance Agent can provide. GuideOne created the GuideOne Center for Risk Management to provide the necessary support to their policy holders.

The Center is dedicated to:

  • Helping Churches, faith-based schools and senior living communities safeguard their organizations.
  • Providing practical and timely training, seminars and resources on crucial safety and security issues with assistance and input from Church leaders.
  • Teaming with pastors, leaders, denominational officials, education directors and Church safety and security teams to provide resources to help you make your Church as safe as possible.

Not only will we be there for you when you experience a loss and have a claim, GuideOne will help to prevent them from happening in the first place.

SERVING Church Leaders

Leaders are those who recognize that the people, resources and facilities that are given for the furtherance of the Church should be cared for, protected and preserved.  Leaders in the Church have an awesome responsibility and are vital to your operations.  Unfortunately, they can also create exposures to liability.  With our Directors and Officers endorsement, GuideOne Insurance can help you protect your directors, officers and trustees should unforeseen problems arise.  Any Church with a Board of Directors needs this coverage.

Many Churches depend heavily on their key leaders, so when a congregation loses a key leader due to an untimely death, it can cause a great deal of financial and emotional hardship for everyone involved.  At Bernard Insurance we not only want to protect your Churches financial future, but we ultimately want to enable you to remain strong even in the hardest of times.  That is why Key Employee Life Insurance, underwritten through one of our life insurance carriers, is designed to reimburse organizations for financial losses incurred due to the death of a key leader.


At Bernard Insurance we realize Churches are more than brick and mortar.  Great Churches require a great staff, and the happiness of your employees is critical.  By rewarding staff members properly, you strengthen their foundation, thereby strengthening the foundation of your Church. Bernard Insurance can design a custom employee benefits package with choices ranging from retirement plans and life insurance, disability, vision, health and dental.


Most Churches in America also rely heavily on volunteers from their congregations and communities to conduct ministries.  At Bernard Insurance we understand how important volunteers are to the success of a Church and how highly valued they are within the Church community.  Unfortunately, Churches may sometimes face challenges when working with volunteers.  Volunteer programs can expose a Church and its members to wide variety of risks, such as sexual misconduct, injuries, accidents and other issues.

In an effort to help Churches reduce the risks associated with volunteer workers, GuideOne Insurance has formed and alliance with Group Publishing’s Church Volunteer Central Association.  Church Volunteer Central (CVC) was created to better equip Churches for volunteer effectiveness.  CVC provides valuable information and education for recruiting, training, motivating and retaining the volunteers Churches need to enhance their ministries.  It’s a one-stop resource for a Church’s volunteerism needs.

Specialty Risk Church Program Claims Coverage  Shreveport LA

Claims SERVICE You Can Count On

At Bernard Insurance, we make the handling of your claim as trouble free as possible By insuring you with a leader in Church Insurance, GuideOne has the best claims service in the industry. GuideOne offers:

  • Around-the-clock claim reporting service for our valued policyholders.
  • Representatives that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you will never have to leave a message.
  • Helpful customer service representatives who will guide you through the loss reporting process.

Since accidents can occur at anytime, you can report your claim to GuideOne’s toll free number at 1-888-748-4326.

Religion Church Interior  Ottawa Ontario Canada - Church InsurancePROPERTY Coverage

GuideOne’s Faithguard Church package offers three options for property coverage – Basic Form, Broad Form and Special Form.  Each option provides financial protection against loss or damage to your organization’s property (including buildings, contents and more).

The Special Form offers the most complete coverage. This comprehensive insurance policy is our most popular package, and it includes coverage for every type of peril, unless it is specifically excluded.

Religion Stained glass window depiction of Jesus - Church InsuranceExtra Property Coverage Included – No matter which form of property coverage you select, your policy will automatically include coverage for standard items, such a lightning, wind, fire and hail, as well as many non-standard items, such as:


  • Equipment breakdown, including computers, boilers and electrical equipment;
  • Newly acquired or constructed property (limits higher than industry standards);
  • Personal effects and property of others;
  • Pastor’s personal property;
  • Ordinance or Law- when building updates are required by ordinance following a covered loss; and
  • Indirect loss, such as the loss of Church income and tuition fees resulting from a covered peril.
  • Stained Glass Coverage


Your organization can choose to add any of the following endorsements to your policy for even greater protection. These coverages are available for a modest additional charge.

Crime Coverage – Provides protection for money and security losses resulting from theft, employee dishonesty, and forgery and alteration.

Inland Marine Coverage – A broad type of insurance that covers valuable possessions that are considered unique, or may be transported from one place to another.Lifestyles grand piano 11 1 - Church Insurance

Lifestyles guitar 8 1 - Church Insurance

Lifestyles Saxophone 2 1 - Church Insurance



Value Added SERVICES for Our Customers

Any time your Church needs a trusted source of assistance with business-related concerns, we likely can refer you to an experienced firm whose record of service, value and integrity match our own.  Added services you may take advantage of include:

  • Construction;
  • Safe bus travel;
  • Employee and volunteer screening;
  • Legal and tax resources; and
  • Discounts on Church products.

For more information on these value added services contact us at 1-800-256-9124.

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General LIABILITY Coverage

Faithguard Church provides general liability insurance, covering the Church’s legal liability resulting from injuries to people or damage to their property. Coverage is also provided for damages resulting from other offenses, such as libel, slander and defamation of character.  This coverage protects the Church’s legal liability on worldwide basis (subject to policy limits), and includes coverages for the following:

  • Volunteer workers and donated labor; and
  • Spiritual Counseling.

Health bandage on foot 1 1 - Church InsuranceMedical Expenses – Church members, guests and volunteers need financial protection for their injuries resulting from accidents occurring on the Church premises or as a result of Church activities.  Faithguard  Church includes coverage that pays for reasonable medical expenses regardless of liability (subject to policy limits), for injuries occurring on your premises and for accidents resulting from Church activities.





GuideOne offers a wide variety of optional liability endorsements to further enhance your organization’s protection.  Bernard Insurance Agency can help you determine which of the following options are needed.

Church Insurance Liability, Directors, Employment Practices, Misconduct -- Specialty Risk  Shreveport LA

Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability


Directors and Officers


Employment Practices


Sexual Misconduct Liability


Employee Benefits Liability


For Churches that desire higher levels of protection for the risks they face, GuideOne offers additional policies to complement the Faithguard Church policy.  These policies are fundamental to a comprehensive insurance protection plan.  They are competitively priced and offer the finest coverage in the industry.

  • Business Automobile Policy
  • Umbrella Policy
  • Workers’ Compensation Policy

For EXPERT Assistance

Guide One Shreveport Church Insurance ProgramsTo tailor a Cornerstone Plus policy to meet your organization’s protection needs, call upon the expertise and assistance of Bernard Insurance Agency.  Information is also available at or by calling                              1-800-256-9124.